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SW19 & Neko Trust are proud to have a unique educational program for the live events industry, run out of our studios 11 months of the year.

To be part of something bigger. Something that will add to this industry and make sure there is a sustainable future ahead, giving bright, new, talented acts the opportunity to shine.

NEKO Trust was founded by Glen Rowe to help build a sustainable future for the live events industry by supporting the next generation of talent.

The focus is helping young people develop the skills they need to have a successful career in the industry, and on providing access to the spaces they need for on the job training, rehearsals, and performances.

Access to spaces is provided for young people to train and perform in the form of subsidised studio and event space hire.





Neko Trust run bespoke education programmes to inspire and train the future employees of the industry. By partnering with experts and industry veterans they are able to deliver educational experiences and courses that help young people build the skills that employers need.


The vocational, short-courses are designed for young people with a keen production and live music industry interest, a first hand practical experience with chosen industry experts.

Courses will be run from both sites in Wandsworth & our site, SW19 Studios in Wimbledon, in the evenings over a period of twelve weeks. Allowing this learning in personal time, while having other commitments.


Please contact Neko Trust for more info on pricing and times.

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